Posthumously Curious

by Pink Mass

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released September 24, 2014

Recorded by Jairo Montenegro



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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Unmemorable
You’re pathetic, you’re a loser
You have no opinion, no personality
Why do you even bother living, there’s no difference
whether or not you exist
Unmemorable Forgettable
Why do you fight, to make yourself useless?
Why do you try and make your being here meaningless?
I can live with out you, you can’t live without me
You are only committed to one thing, dependency
You’re just fucking forgettable
Track Name: Desecration
Burn the flag, Fuck this nation
Enemies of the state Killing the ones we hate
Desecration of the cross, No gods no masters, kill your fucking boss
Fuck the church, Fuck the state, Fuck the world Masturbate x2
Desecration of Patriotism
Burn the flag, Fuck this nation
Track Name: Slut Shaming
Don’t let anyone tell you who you can’t fuck
Do whatever you want with whoever you want
There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with us
Embrace your inner slut

I bet you’ll be happier than any of those stuck up stupid cunts
Why cling to outdated ideals?
One man, one woman isn’t the only way to feel sexually fulfilled?

fuck anything you want until you’re dead and gone
if it’s starting to feel wrong, that means you’re doing it right
Track Name: Burden
You’re a burden I hate your guts
You’re a burden You won’t shut up
You’re a burden You take up space
You’re a burden Our wrath you will face
You’re death is justified The world wants you to die
Look right through you And see all the lies
You’re a Burden, Fucking Burden
Look at your past And see the ruined lives
Trusting you would not be wise Fucking worthless waste of space
You’re a Burden, Fucking Burden
(Jeremy)I’m not saying end your life, but I’m saying it’d be nice
Here’s the knife, Do us a favor
Leave the world without you in it.
Fucking do it now
Track Name: Symbol Of Eight Dicks
All hail darkness, All hail sex
Give us your life, slice your neck
Unworthy swine, You don’t belong here
Now you must die, an unholy death!

Bring out the axes
Bring out the bats
Destroy fucking everything
Hail the left hand path

Burn down their churches
Fuck there corpses with inverted crosses

All hail the symbol of eight dicks
Track Name: Oversensitive
Shut up punk
You ever stop to think That you being oversensitive is just as ignorant as being the opposite?
Why do you refuse to acknowledge?
That you’re just some rich white kid
Who uses these radical ideas just to piss mom and dad off

You complain you’re oppressed by the life you chose to live
You’re too dumb to understand Why you’re just as wrong as them
Why don’t you stop and think if you really give a fuck
Will you still be fighting for a cause when school ends in June?

You need to shut your mouth, you’re not punk
You don’t understand the ideology that you believe
You just hopped on the bandwagon

Get off your ass and do something
I’m sick of hearing you whine
Focus on what you can change not the shit you can’t
And you’ll probably move on when the next movement comes along

I don't honestly believe that you mean half the shit you say
Lies are all that come out of your mouth
And you’ll probably move on when the next movement comes along