by Pink Mass

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released January 21, 2016

Tyrant Perversor – Vocals
Snevil the Wet-Brained Mercenary – Bass/Vocals
Shock the Cockringed Mongrel – Guitar/Vocals
Van Lee Tassels the Obnoxious – Guitar
Kurtemis Caninus – Drums

All songs written by Pink Mass
Intro and Outro performed by Phil “The Sadist” Silverberg
Cover Art by Sneviliel
Recorded and Mixed by James Stivaly at Guerilla Recording
Released on 1/21/2016 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions




all rights reserved


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Track Name: Diseased Minds
Burning oneself
Diseased Minds
Slicing your wrists
Diseased Minds
Consumption of poison
Diseased Minds
Embracing your death
Diseased Minds

In most religions
Suicide is seen as taboo
But to us,
It’s just doing what you gotta do
If religion gave you
Reason to die,
Kill yourself!
Rid this world of diseased minds
Kill yourself!
Rid this world of diseased minds

“I am Naglthorpe
I am decider of your fate
I am everything you love
I am everything you hate”

Take this blade and
Empty your veins
If you are truly devoted,
You will fight through the pain
You hide behind a mask,
It's time to meet the one you never knew
In your last dying breath,
We will see the true you
Bring your body to the altar
Show your true devotion
Give your most valuable thing,
Give us your life.

Raise your knife
This is your religious sacrifice!
Track Name: Leather, Studs, Whips, Scars
Born and raised with masochistic rage
Whipped, sliced, locked in a cage

No pain, no sexual thrill
My self respect I want you to kill
Self mutilation satisfies like nothing else does
When you’re done I’ll look nothing like I was

Leather, Studs, Whips, Scars!!

Leather, black as night
Studs, shining in the candle light
Whips, cracked onto our flesh
Scars, our pleasure has left its mark
Track Name: Putrid Prophet
I am the putrid prophet!
The pain I inflict comes
from my own inner conflict
Holder of the whips and chains
Bringer of sadistic pain
Cult of your darkest desires
Get the candles, ignite the fire

Full of sadistic rage
My inner demons have begun to age
The intentions were not always sick
I can't give you control, your death can't be quick

Endless Torture
Give me your trust
This is how I cope
Track Name: Slut Shaming
Don’t let anyone tell you who you can’t fuck
Do whatever you want with whoever you want
There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with us
Embrace your inner slut

I bet you’ll be happier than any of those stuck up stupid cunts
Why cling to outdated ideals?
One man, one woman isn’t the only way to feel sexually fulfilled?

Fuck anything you want until you’re dead and gone
If it’s starting to feel wrong, that means you’re doing it right
Track Name: Summoning the Grotesque
Entering your sacred grounds
Wandering through fog
We make this journey

To search for your tomb
We have a plan for revenge
A plan for a grotesque summoning
Your selfish god can't help you now!
The funeral moon shines so bright
We find your tombstone
Time to face our satanic might!

Summoning the grotesque
On your grave
Summoning the grotesque
You're our undead slave

We dig up your grave
Your corpse has begun to rot with age

Summoning of unholy beasts
Performing grotesque perversions
Upon your lifeless corpse!
Track Name: Hang the Bastards
More filthy lies
Spoken by Christian swine
Speaking of false gods
Now it's their time to die

Fetch the Rope! Hang the Bastards!

Sexual devotion to a being unseen
Freedom of choice is stripped away
Who the fuck are they to make your decision?
Let's show these bastards some unholy infliction

The shortest rope
On the highest branch
Don't fight it
You had your chance